Tom Myers, Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews teach NYC Symposium, Nov. 22-23

Spacious Feet is sold out

Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains®,
Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy &
Amy Matthews’ Embodied Asana present

Spacious Feet:

A weekend symposium in New York City
Sat-Sun, November 22-23, 2014, 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Helen Mills Event Space, 137-139 West 26th Street NYC
Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from anatomy and movement pioneers Tom Myers, Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews co-presenting a transformative weekend symposium.

Using lavishly illustrated lectures and movement explorations, this workshop is for anyone with feet, especially movement teachers and manual therapists of all kinds.

28 bones wrapped in a fascial bag, our uniquely human foot is a marvel of engineering – and it needs to be: such a tiny base of support under a tall and gangly skeleton with a high center of gravity.

Tiny changes in the position of our foot bones can make huge differences in functional ability and pain.  Learn to see proper positioning and response to guide your clients or students into dynamic, responsive feet that hold the body up easily and tread lightly on the planet.


  • The essential arches of our feet
  • The ankle joints and body balance
  • The improbable heel and support for the back body
  • Slings and arch support: the calf muscles to the rescue
  • Responsive walking and the myofascial meridians — how we handle forces as we walk
  • Maintaining a pliable foot in an urban environment

$550 SOLD OUT!

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Yoga Therapy Summit in the Black Hills of South Dakota – Sept. 13-15

YT Summit
I am very excited and honored to be presenting alongside my esteemed colleagues and fellow students of the Krishnamacharya/Desikachar lineage at this unprecedented event.
I hope you can join us for this one-of-a-kind experience in this beautiful setting.
Check out the Facebook page.

For the occasion, I’ve created a brand-new presentation entitled: The Knot of Brahma – Emotional Suppression as the Source of Common Pain Syndromes.

Here is the description of the topic:
The ancient model of prana/apana samayogah as a definition of pranayama offers a simple, yet powerful model for how we can uncover and resolve the internal obstructions that result from a lifetime of managing our emotional “spaces.”
These ideas are especially important for Yoga Educators because there is mounting evidence that the most common pain syndromes suffered by vast numbers of people have their origins in the mind-body/psyche-soma mechanisms of emotional suppression.
In this wide-ranging lecture/demo, Leslie Kaminoff will review some of the latest research that supports this view, and he will relate it to the uniquely integrated teachings of breath-centered yoga practice within the tradition of T. Krishnamacharya.
For educators dedicated to working more deeply and effectively, these insights will be invaluable in the pursuit of reducing the “bad space” of dukha and increasing the “good space” of sukha.


Work and Play in Colorado

I’m at the 16th annual Yoga Journal Conference at the beautiful YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado.

As I’ve had to explain many times to curious attendees, I’m not here as a presenter.  This has become an annual vacation for me, and a chance to re-connect with old friends, and to make new ones.This year, it is also a working vacation… Read more Work and Play in Colorado