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  1. HH Paramahamnsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati died over a year ago Dec 2010.He taught yoga as a whole subject, not picking bits and pieces here and there or concentrating on one aspect.One can say the history and archeology .Much from personal experience knowledge understanding and application to modern times for the benefit of seekers.And taught the genuine teaching.That yoga is one of several philosophies,including Samkhya and Tantra, the practice a science,its results a personal spiritual experience ,apart from dogmatic religion.

    I appreciated the way he left behind his teachings in books, also the photographic record of his life,especially in his last years

    yoga is not for the faint hearted so i found out, what is in Pandora’s box is sometimes best left there, undisturbed, if unable to be dealt with. Everyone has their own level and limit,its free association,no one is forced to practice or seek.

    Much of prana is in a form of sexual energy which most people have problems in dealing directing and controlling and expressing. The cause of most of the worlds problems

    HH Paramahamnsa Swami Satyananda Saraswati taught ways of dealing with this challenge.

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